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Disposable Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-Invasive EEG Sensor

Clinical significance of anesthesia depth monitoring:

  • Ensure patients is with no awareness in surgery and no memory after surgery;

  • Improve recovery quality after surgery and shorten the time in recovery room;

  • Conscious recovery after surgery is more complete;

  • Reduce the rate of nausea & vomiting after surgery;

  • Guide the dosage of ICU sedative to maintain a more stable level of calm;

  • Used in anesthesia of clinic surgery to shorten observation time after surgery;

  • More accurate to use anesthetic and makes anesthesia more stable while reducing the dosage of anesthetic.

Product Features:

  • Advanced manufacturing technology, stable quality. 

  • Perfect sensor and system matching

  • According to the human brain curvature and gravitational principles, adopt the entire strip-shaped design, simple and convenient to operate. 

  • Safe and comfortable skin paste effect, no skin allergies, physical comfort.

  • Adopt the international advanced EEG specialized liquid conductive gel, better mobility, and stronger conductivity, in line with EEG monitoring needs.

  • High-density shielding layer, effectively block the outside interference signal; double-shield technology to avoid distortion and loss of signal acquisition, ensure the accuracy of data collection, more stable in anesthesia operation to reduce the amount of medication.

  • Disposable products prevent cross-infection.

Product Function:

  • Anesthesia depth sensor is also called non-invasive EEG sensor, it can reflect the brain's state of consciousness, used with EEG monitoring equipment non-invasive measuring the patient's EEG signal to provide doctor with monitoring and evaluation EEG consciousness state, and anesthesia depth Reference data, mainly applied in clinical surgery.

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