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Disposable IBP Transducers


Product Features:

  • The product consists of three-way valve connector, pressure transducer chip, exhaust valve, pressure signal output connection and exhaust pipe.

  • The materials are medical PE,PVC,ABS, safe and secure. 

  • Monitor precisely, to avoid the non-invasive measurements error due to cuff binding position and cuff tension.

  • Invasively measure blood pressure, even when vital signs in the patient are weak.

  • Disposable pressure transducers avoid the infection among patients.

Product Function:

  • IBP transducers are used in major surgery or critically ill patients, for real-time blood pressure monitoring, directly connected with the human blood vessels, blood pressure through the extension tube to the pressure transducer chip, converted into electrical energy signal by chip, and then display through the monitor waveform symbol. It can monitor continuously at any time arterial pressure, central venous pressure on patients, more accurate than non-invasive monitoring.

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