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EKG Multi-link cable and lead wires


Product Features:

  • Med-link provides suction electrodes,limb clamp electrodes and veterinary ECG electrodes. 

  • ECG electrodes are divided into adult and pediatric types by ages. 

  • Chest suction electrodes are applied to all ECG monitoring system, compatible brands including Nihon Konden, Fukuda, Biocare, Cmics, Burdick, Kenz, NEC.​

  • The products are fit for Din plug, banana plug, and snap lead wires. Veterinary ECG electrodes are fit for 4.0 snap lead wires. 

  • Reusable products reduce the costs. 

Product Function:

  • ECG electrodes for getting ECG signals, connect with ECG lead wires and ECG patient monitor, keep continuous ECG monitoring.

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