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ESU Pencil


Product Features:

  • Disposable ESU pencils and reusable ESU pencils are available. 

  • Provides hand control ESU pencil and foot control ESU pencil. 

  • Fast cutting speed, good hemostatic effect,  safe and secure. 

  • Complete product specifications, providing a variety of standards, general and special ESU pencil customization services.

Product Function:

  • ESU pencils can be divided into cutting (often called cut), solidification (often called electrocoagulation) and coagulation mixed type. The electrosection is the effect of cutting and incising the tissue. Electrocoagulation is tissue degeneration and condensation through intermittent low-energy. In fact, when cutting, the tissue which is directly acted separate, while the surrounding tissue condense due to lower energy. Electrosection is generally used for surgical incision and resection etc. Electrocoagulation is generally used for hemostasis, erosion treatment, etc., endoscopic coagulation mixing in the prostate gasification and other aspects of the best.

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