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ETCo2 Mainstream Module


Product Features:

  • Simple operation;plug and play.

  • Long-term stability;dual waveband, non- disperse infrared technology.

  • Long operating life; infrared black body light source with MEMS technology.

  • Accurate results; with built-in compensation algorithm for temperature, atmospheric pressure and balance gas.

  • Free of calibration; patented calibration algorithm; calibration-free operation.

  • With a minimum sampling flow rate of 50ml/min.

  • Comprehensive solutions for OEM and ODM of CO2 sensor.

Product Specifications:

  • Respiration rate range: 2~150 breath/minute

  • Electric power supply: DC 5V

  • Power Consumption: 1.2W

  • Usage Environment: 0~40℃, 10~90% RH, without condensation

  • Storage Environment: -40~70℃, <90% RH, without condensation

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