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Care Team Mapping

Care Team Mapping connects every member of a patient’s care team on your mobile device. Care Team Mapping maintains a real-time roster of your clinical teammates so you can focus on what information needs to be shared about each patient. With quick access to your patients’ care team, Care Team Mapping™ provides patient context to every message, improving clinical efficiencies and quality of care.

Key Features:

  • Quickly identify the right patient and the right care team member(s)

  • Generate a patient-specific message with one tap

  • Provide patient context with every message

  • Set message priority and track your message(s) with read receipts

  • Manage your message threads so you always know that you are communicating about the right patient

Secure Mobile Messaging

As simple as sending a text message, an end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA-compliant platform enables you to message a colleague or the entire care team. Message priority can be set by the sender, with message status and read receipt tagging on each message that allows patient-centered communication to be coordinated in real-time.

Key Features:

  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant

  • Team and colleague directories for easy lookup

  • Speech recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare

  • Fully auditable to track user records & more

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)-Friendly

Speech Recognition Powered by Nuance Healthcare

With access to medical speech recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare Dragon Medical 360™, users can reap the productivity and financial benefits of a secure, industry-leading medical speech recognition platform.

Fully auditable

The platform provides full administrative oversight so healthcare organizations like yours can gain insight into how clinical communications occur across your organization.


Advanced analytics provide keen insight into how communications flow across your organization. Our integrated care coordination solution provides deep insight into your clinical and operational communications, identifying who communicates with whom, about which patient and information, helping to unleash greater efficiencies from your clinical workflows.

Real-Time Clinical Communication

Accessing patient-specific clinical information takes time and effort away from coordinating care with your care team and delivering care to your patients, clinical data for each patient is pushed directly to your mobile device as it becomes available, saving you time and effort. Because the same clinical information is consistently delivered and available to each member of the care team, your clinical decisions are fully aligned.

Key Features:

  • System agnostic leverages your existing clinical IT systems

  • Makes your clinical data real-time and mobile

  • Streams each patient’s clinical data to your mobile device and turns data into information

  • Bridges the gaps in communication and information sharing with Care Team Mapping and messaging

Clinical Feeds

Labs, Meds, Reports, Dietary, Others
Whatever information you want on your mobile device, a real-time care coordination platform will save you time from having to continually visit and log in to your EMR workstations to access the latest clinical result. This information is also shared across the care team, ensuring better alignment of the care plan, better handoffs between providers, and improved care transitions. Imagine the time you can save with real-time clinical information at your fingertips.

Collaborative Workflows

With Care Team Mapping orchestrating your patient care coordination, our Collaborative Workflow solutions help you keep track of tasks for each patient in real-time, sharing this information with every member of the care team. Combined with our Real-Time Clinical Information solutions, it helps you reduce miscommunications among the care team members, improving patient handoffs and care transitions.

Key Features:

  • Shared task list per patient

  • Set task priority and track task creation and completion

  • All tasks are visible across all patients and by priority

  • Streamline your handoff process with our clinical summaries

  • Reduce miscommunication during handoff and improve quality of care

Improve Handoffs and Transitions of Care

The Joint Commission has shown that 80% of major medical errors are a direct result of miscommunication during handoff. With Care Team MappingTM orchestrating your patient care coordination and communication, workflow solutions keep everyone on the care team up-to-date on the latest clinical information and care plan. By leveraging the secure real-time mobile technology, you can ensure the security of your PHI and improvement in your patient’s care across shifts and care transitions.

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