NeoNatal Spo2 Sensor


Product Features:

  • 1.The products applied to neonates, should be wrapped in the soles of the feet.

  • Neonatal disposable SpO2 sensors and neonatal reusable SpO2 sensors, forehead SpO2 sensor and neonate wrap SpO2 sensor ( undetachable and detachable). 

  • Neonatal SpO2 Sensor with soft microfoam and Velcro, keep the newborns comfortable. 

  • Neonate SpO2 sensors are applied to Mindray, Masimo, Nihon Kohden, Nonin, Newtech, Nellcor and other domestic and foreign brands of SpO2 monitor. Also provide a variety of SpO2 extension cables to meet more demands.

Product Function:

  • Neonatal SpO2 Sensors can continuously monitor the neonates' SpO2 status by connecting to patient monitor, help doctors keep abreast of the newborn's SpO2 status, to prevent neonatal hypoxia.