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Newborn Blood Pressure Cuff


Product Features:

  • Med-link provides disposable neonatal blood pressure cuffs and reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs.

  • Reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs can be repeated use after disinfection, single tube and two-tube, for newborns arm circumference of 6-11cm.

  • Disposable neonatal NIBP cuffs, single tube, for newborns arm circumference of 3-11cm, 5 different sizes, compatible with Philips, Siemens, Spacelabs, Colin, Datascope, Protocol patient monitor etc. Two-tube, devised into 5  different sizes by arm circumference, 3-6cm, 4-8cm, 6-11cm,7-14cm, 8-15cm, compatible with Marquette patient monitor and so on. 

  • A wide variety of cuff hoses and hose connectors are available to connect more instruments.

  • Soft and comfortable TPU material cuff, more suitable for neonatal use. Compared with traditional rubber, the performance of charge and discharge is stronger.

Product Function:

  • The neonatal pressure cuffs are used to bind the neonatal arm, measuring the blood pressure by connecting to the measuring instruments.

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