Pressure Infusion Bag


Product Features:

  • Disposable pressure infusion bags are made of a certain thickness of the polyurethane, not easy to damage.

  • Large inflatable balloon can be faster and more convenient for inflation; three-way valve helps quickly deflated, no need to squeeze the balloon, simple and fast.

  • PIB adopt white nylon cloth, waterproof and durable.

Product Function:

  • Disposable pressure infusion bags help blood, plasma and other bags of liquid through the rapid pressure input as soon as possible into the patient's body, reducing the surgery intensity of doctors and nurses, but also making the patient more comfortable and safe protection, mainly for emergency blood transfusion in emergency room, operating room and other clinical departments. In the disaster first aid, first aid or field emergency first aid and other special circumstances, it has good anti-magnetic and anti-jamming properties.


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