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Disposable ESU Pencil


Product Features:

  • Light material and user-friendly exterior design, comfortable to use, reduce the doctors' muscle tension caused by prolonged surgery, lower the risk of surgery.

  • Waterproof structure minimizes the risk of electric shock.

  • Long enough cable, thick enough core, ensure the excellent electrical property and safety. 

  • Single use, prevent the cross-infection among patients.

Product Function:

Medical Products

  • With the progress of the modern medicine, ESU pencil has replaced of the mechanical scalpel and become the electrosurgical instruments cutting the body tissue. ESU pencil contacts the body and heats the tissue by generating the high-frequency high-voltage current, to achieve the separation and coagulation of the body tissue. Play a role of cutting and hemostasis. Used with various types of electrosurgical  cautery  machine, and widely applied in major surgeries in all kinds of hospitals.

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