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Disposable Products

Disposable NIBP Cuffs
  • Inflatable, stronger deflating performance

  • Single use, it is more economical and practical for a single patient. 

  • Length 3m,L type probe, 2.5 mono plug, diameter conical.

Disposable ECG Lead Wires
  • Accurate measuring, to avoid the measurement error caused by binding cuff improperly. 

  • Disposable Pressure Transducers avoid the infection among patients. 

Disposable ESU Pencil
  • Single-use sterile packaging prevents the cross-infection.

  • Disposable POB needles are with thin coating, so the needle diameter and flatness does not change and puncture resistance is small.

Disposable Breathing Circuits
  • single use or repeated use for single patient, to avoid cross-infection.

Disposable Grounding Pad
  • High-performance anti-allergy adhesive layer is not easy to fall off, with good adhesion and conductivity.

  • Grounding pad materials all passed the bio-compatible test, non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergies.

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