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Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor

Product Features:

  • Made of ABS,PE,PVC medical material, safe for blood pressure measurement during anesthesia. 

  • Accurate measuring, to avoid the measurement error caused by binding cuff improperly. 

  • Invasive blood pressure measurement, the patient could be monitored even in anesthesia operation and the vital signs are weak. Provide the accurate reliable blood pressure data, and reduce the risk of anesthesia operation. 

  • Disposable Pressure Transducers avoid the infection among patients. 

Medical Innovation

Product Function:

  • Disposable Pressure Transducers are mainly used in anesthesia, oncology, ICU, surgery, emergency departments. They are anesthesia monitoring supplies for real-time blood pressure monitoring anesthesia or critically ill patients, and directly connected with the human blood vessels, patients arterial pressure and central venous pressure through the extension tube to the pressure transducer, and then display through the monitor.

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