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Disposable SpO2 Sensor


Product Details:

  • Disposable SpO2 sensor use sterile, non-harm materials, to prevent cross-infection. It could accurately monitor the SpO2 even under the strong interference external environment interference and weak patient pulse.

  • We offer five different types of disposable pulse oximetery sensors, including adult SpO2 sensor, pediatric SpO2 sensor, infant SpO2 sensor, neonatal SpO2 Sensor and comfort SpO2 sensor, and are designed to meet the needs of different age groups for SpO2 monitoring.

  • Complete specifications, make patient comfortable, for all kinds of brands of various parameters monitor, Oximetery and other monitoring equipment.

Product Function: 

  • Disposable SpO2 Sensor is fixed at the finger tip of the patient, and the finger was used as a transparent container for hemoglobin. The red light at a wavelength of 660 nm and the near-infrared light at 940 nm are used as an injection light source to measure the light transmission intensity through the tissue bed. The hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation are calculated.

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